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I drink this before my morning workouts since I cannot exercise in the morning with food in my stomach!

I also drink this within 30-45 minutes after a workout if I can't eat protein within that amount of time after my workout.

If I have multiple classes, I use this drink first

If I have multiple classes in a row, I drink this between classes.

If I have only one class, I'll drink this during class

If I have multiple classes in a row, this is my recovery drink. Helps me from feeling the lactic acid burn.

I might also use this for my "only one" drink during  a class.

If I prefer a drink that replenishes all the sweat from my workouts, this drink has electrolytes. It also has a high pH so it helps me digest my food more easily. LOVE this water.


What does it taste like? WATER.

These are the Xertube bar and bands that I use in class.  They travel well too! The bar detaches in the middle. The bar is 32 inches in length.  It does come with the three bands.

These are just the bands. They are sold separately. The description will tell you which resistance they are. 

Yellow is the easiest, then red, green, blue and purple.

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